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The collection “Invasive bodies” is inspired by nature, how easily things flow, evolve and transform. How natural bodies such stones and metals were created through the fluids of the earth. Shaped by heat and pressure over time and found in the least expected places. In this collection we created a raw, pure, intact effect in all the jewelry pieces, full of irregularities and textures.

“Invasive bodies” aim to not just decorate you body but to feel in sync by connecting with the universe’s special energies. They come from the healing stones that are set in some of the jewelry pieces. Let yourself discover these unique energies and flow with them.

This collection is made with recycled fine silver and ethically sourced semi-precious stones.


Photo: Rebeca Balas @rebecxbalas

Model: Irene Villafranca @iree_vm

Make up and hair: Guivel Rocha @guivelrocha

Art direction: Gabriel Montero Mota @sister_mota

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