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At SUOIO we create contemporary jewelry that brings joy and bliss to those that wear them. All our jewellery are designed to be unique, different, genderless, timeless pieces. To highlight the beauty in each of us, giving us confidence, or remember past memories and loved ones. We use the highest quality materials to make them last forever.

All of our pieces have been carefully and ethically design, produced and assembled by hand in Madrid. No animals or humans were hurt or mistreated during the process. We believe in being kind and respectful to the environment and every living being (thus being humans, animals or plants).

We use recycled silver sourced from Spain in all of our pieces, trying to keep all the production steps local and fair. Some of our stones come from around the world, because we believe in the healing properties of them, and that can't be replaced with synthetic ones.

We strongly believe in the slow-fashion movement. We don't follow trends that fade with time, we believe in style that makes our personality stand out. That is why we try to make a very small-scale production to minimize any possible waste and will be working now on producing upon preorder request. Therefore only making what people need, creating unrepeatable statement pieces. 


This project began as a personal experimental investigation. Generated by the need to create, different, unique and timeless jewels.

From the beginning, we have tried to develop starting from the basis of individuality and staying away from the concept of perfection. Playing with the idea of ​​order and chaos, trying to merge the old with the new and eliminating the illusion of the passage of time.

Creating a world in which nothing makes sense, but at the same time they give the meaning that each one sees in it. Thus, something unique and unrepeatable that attempts to reflect and transmit on each of the pieces.

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